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Long ago a terrible war was settled in the dust of a great loss of life, the forces of good were able to bring a time of order and peace to the ancient lands of Draconia which had long been a nesting and migratory breeding site for dragons and drakes of all types due to its unique diversity of biospheres and remote locations buffered by difficult to travel natural terrain.

The realm was split in two and ten…

The realm of the metallic dragons was the south-west, they called it Wyrmthrone
The realm of the chromatic dragons was the north-east, they called it Drakencrown

each realm was then split again by 5 forming 10 provinces across both realms with each province ruled by a king, born or chosen by that breeds usual traditions or behaviours.

The last 5 thousand years the kings held a stressful peace that resulted in trading and stronger economics, a population boom and a high civilization and pervasive culture.

Surely the centuries past, saw it’s share of battles and feuds and border skirmishes but the mistake of the 1st war and the dragonfel was always avoided.

But the winds of change are blowing…
The constellations are shifting…
The dawning age of Tiamat is upon us.

Will the Peace Hold?…

Home Page

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