Yssira Valdeth


Crystals and Stones orbit the sorcerer each one containing the spirit of a dragon or primordial element. Trinkets and curios adorn her.

Her dark skin is partially covered in bronze dragon scales, which seem to ripple as they catch the light. The scales encircle her neck and wrap around her left arm and and across her stomach, ending over her right hip.

Midnight blue robes, adorned with the draconic scales of her fallen enemies. The right edge of the robes neckline is a line of dragon teeth. A magical bag of holding hangs over her shoulder, the bag resting on her hip. It is filled with a collection of trophies and dragon blood for use in her magics.


The dragon blood that courses through her veins and powers her magics belongs to the line of Artax an ancient bronze dragon from ancient antiquity.

Yssira Valdeth

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