Progenitor ancestral dragon


Pure bloodline heritage origin source of Yssira of the order of Lendys.

In ancient antiquity Artax spent most of his time in a human form of the same name.
Artax was a soldier and hero of legend who rose quickly among the mortal ranks until he was made a great general in the celestial army. He became an elite strategist and superior fighting mind and a terrifying foe for any being to face off against. His bravery and ferocity in battle were the stuff of legends. The fanatical loyalty of his people however was truly forged forever in the crucible of the first war.

Artax brought his people through the first war relatively unharmed and by everyone’s standards that was a miracle as most of the armies were wiped out and most of the dragonbreeds were culled horrifically at the Dragonfel. That said Artax was changed by the battle, it was a sacrafice of his most loyal unit that won the day and allowed Artax and so many to survive. Artax focused on rebuilding and using his military leadership skills to rally the metallic survivours and build a stable kingdom state he played diplomat and parleyed with the very chromatic dragons who were bent on his destruction. The dragonfel had weakened everyone but Artax. The metallic dragons were rallying behind his guidance and the chromatic dragons had returned to infighting among the breeds…

The stability of Artax’s rule helped secure a peace in the aftermath of the great loss, and it was Artax who decided that the land should be split into 2 and 10 and ruled according to each’s own way as long as the king and his champion were accountable to a treaty of kings.
Artax ruled as the first king of the Bronze dragons.

A gift was forged on his 10,000th birthday by his men who all contributed to their beloved leader’s present…

A great sword forged from the blades that served in his mighty first war army by the men of his lost legion. the ones who he sacrificed in a moment of brilliant war craft and generalship and who went so willingly to die for their beloved lord.

The sword is most well known as the “Legend of the Legionnaire” but is known also as “Legend”, “The Spirit of Draconia”, “Artax’s Sacrifice”, and “Valor-Cleave”



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