Spirit of Draconia


The story so far....

Yssira Valdeth an arbiter in the Order of Lendys was on a jury team tasked with judging a wealthy merchant with many royal friends for the crime of trespass, and accused of high treason and theft.

The alleged theft and confirmed trespass happened within the inner sanctum of the order of Lendys grand abbey, inside the walls of the order’s largest stronghold in the bronze dragon holdings of Wyrmthrone.

The Merchant came before the order’s 5 Arbiters and the Eye of Chronepsis.
His charm and guile were extraordinary and he might of slipped away unnoticed if Yssira Valdeth with her spirit-sight had not seen through the powerful magical illusions and charms the supposed merchant was deploying.

It was a younger brass dragon, a spy perhaps? Yssira Valdeth cross examination led to a tough interrogation and finally Yssira Valdeth used her counter magics and a single distracting shot of her bow to reveal the merchants true dragon form to the fooled court.

The Dragon spy attempted to turn invisible and flee, but Yssira Valdeth has the blood of the dragon general Artax in her veins and her quick actions and authoritative command has the large courtroom sealed to prevent escape.

Yssira Valdeth then gives the silent courtroom a vicious display of mockery and disdain for the dragon’s attempt to flee, demanding the coward reveal itself.

After a brief pause there is nothing… Yssira Valdeth commands the guards to thoroughly search the courtroom as she suddenly leaves to enter the inner sanctum she tells the other Arbiters and the Eye of Chronepsis to let no one else in or out.

Once deep in the inner sanctum the Bronze dragon releases it’s sorcerous domination of Yssira Valdeth… she now realizes she is alone and isolated from her guards.

From the ether the Bronze demands her name!
They are properly introduced.
The Bronze reveals himself dropping his invisibility magics…
“Delighted to meet you, and a pleasure to EAT YOU!!!”


Mrsleazy2easy Mrsleazy2easy

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